Are double glazing windows worth the money?

Researching costs and quotes for double-glazing installation can be rather overwhelming, as there are so many different styles, prices and companies to choose from.

And installing professional double glazing windows can be a costly job… but is it really worth all that money?

How will double glazing benefit me?

Double-glazing is all about saving your pennies when it comes to your heating bills. The more heat that is retained in your home, the less you will be reaching for your central heating and electric heaters, (which are extortionate to run!)

  • Energy savings = low heating bills!

So although you may not see a huge difference straight away… but over time you will start to notice a decrease in your heating bills.

  • No more noise

Not only do they retain the heat, but also they are excellent in blocking out any annoying external noise you may have been experiencing.

  • Extra Security

Double glazing glass is made up of two strong sheets of glass, which adds extra security to your windows. This could also bring down the home insurance premiums.


On average, double glazing should last at least 15-20 years if maintained. So there is definitely value for money there, as it is a long-term investment in your home.  If you do start to notice any cracks or condensation issues, then it is always best to replace the windows at your earliest conveniences, to prevent any further damage. 

Why choose roofline?

All our double glazing windows are A rated which means they are the most energy efficient for your home. Not only that, our uPVC frames are low maintenance and hard wearing which means they can be easily cleaned with a quick wipe. 

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