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Flat Roofing Leicester

Flat roofs in Leicester can be susceptible to leaks or holding water, which can in turn damage your property both internally and externally. Let us use our unrivalled polypropylene system to replace a tired or damaged flat roof in Leicester. The 30m rolls this material comes in mean that less joins are needed, which are heat welded to ensure the seams are watertight.

Enjoy the peace of mind that your property is protected by one of the best flat roofing products on the market, with the added assurance of our 20 year guarantee. Each flat roof is custom made for each individual project, and will provide a long-lasting roofing solution for your property.

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Insulate Your Leicester Roof

As expert Leicester roofers, we can also insulate your new flat roof with our Warm Roofing option. Thermal insulation will be placed between the decking and polypropylene of your roof to help keep your property warm and comfortable, which will in turn reduce heat loss and your energy costs.

Flat Roof Repairs

We are always on hand to provide flat roof repairs in Leicester and the surrounding area. We will make sure that not only is your flat roof completely repaired, it will be a long time before it needs repairing again.

To learn more about our unique combination of waterproofing innovation, roof design and quality installations and flat roof repair, contact us now and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options for replacing or repairing a flat roof on your Leicester home.

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