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Are you in need of roof repairs at your Leicester home?

It’s that time of year when we all feel like we need a little TLC, and our homes are no different!roof repair in leicester

If winter weather has taken its toll on your Leicester home and you’ve found yourself dealing with costly leaks and damage caused by wind, frost and heavy rain then it’s time to give your roofline the makeover it needs – with repairs by The Roofline Replacement Company.

The best choice for roofing repairs in Leicester

Roofline are the leading provider of roofline repairs in Leicester and throughout Leicestershire. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and great value for money across our range of roof repair solutions. Our affordable options will surprise you, keeping your home in top condition needn’t cost the earth.

Trust our team

You can call us today on 01455 286 975 to find out more about the many ways we can help solve your roof repair needs. Our family run team has over 15 years’ experience and is the only Swish approved installer in Leicestershire with City and Guilds accreditation.

We can tackle any issues your Leicester home has – from tired fascias and guttering to entire flat roof replacements – a watertight, well insulated roof is the key to protecting your home, keeping you warm and dry and preventing nasty and costly surprises.

Fix your flat roof

Flat roofs are notoriously troublesome, but with developments in roofing technology that doesn’t have to be the case. Our custom made polypropylene flat roofs have minimal heat-welded joins to prevent leaks and pooling, and are guaranteed for 20 years, meaning long term protection for your home and a fantastic investment in its future.

Out of the gutter

Damaged, tired and leaking guttering can cause havoc to your Leicester home. The good news is it’s quick and simple for Roofline to replace. We can replace all varieties of guttering – from concrete to aluminium –  on any style of property, including rows of houses.

Hassle free homes

Have the boards around your roofline seen better days? These wooden boards, called fascias and soffits are the finishing touch to your home’s appearance but can cause damage if they aren’t maintained.

Traditional wooden fascias need sanding, stripping and painting frequently and can become rotten in bad weather. New uPVC soffits from Roofline eliminate the need for maintenance completely – they’ll only ever need a gentle wipe.

They are available in a range of finishes, including wood grains, so there’s no compromise on style. We always remove rotten old fascias completely – we never clad – and replace them with modern, durable, seamless uPVC fittings. You’ll never be left precariously perched atop a ladder in Leicester again!

Winter warmer

While repairing your Leicester roof we can also take care of insulating it, vastly improving the comfort of your home year round and decreasing your energy bills.

Ask our team today about which combination of repairs could be right for you – call 01455 286 975 and speak to our friendly roofing experts.

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