Will your flat roof survive this winter?

Whilst we’re inside in our warm and cosy homes, our roofs are out there trying to hold their position on the winter battlefield.

So it’s very important to keep your roof in good condition, as it is what protects us from the harsh elements of the winter weather.

Although, that is what they are designed to do, sometimes during the winter months our roofing is most likely to give way and start experiencing problems, such as leaks or cracked tiles.

Here’s what to look for

1: Signs of water/damp inside

One of the major signs of a leaking roof is when you start to notice drips, wet patches, discolouration and mould inside your house. This means water is making its way in and dampening your walls.

If you do start noticing this, you must act fast and get the problem sorted before it rots the structure, causing cracks.

2: Mould and moss growth

You need to check for moss and mould that has grown on your roof. This can cause your tiles to be forced apart, creating a gap allowing water and air to get in easily.

3: Sagging

Your roof should follow a straight line along the ridge. If you begin to notice a dip in the middle, it may be a warning sign of structural damage to your roof, which may cause it to collapse if not treated early.


Prevention ideas

1: Clear your drains

It’s always a good idea to ensure your drains are kept clear at all times so that the rainwater can flow through easily.

2: Get a roofer to inspect your roof

It’s worth getting your roof checked every year by a specialist to carry out maintenance checks. If they do spot any weakness it can be resolved straight away before its left too late, which generally ends up being a more costly project.


If you would like our experienced team to take a look at replacing or repairing your flat roof, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Find out more here.

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