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Velux ensure our team are trained to the highest of standards.

Why choose a VELUX roof window or skylight?

VELUX windows are considered among the best due to several factors. Firstly, their long-standing reputation as a leading manufacturer of roof windows and skylights speaks to their reliability and quality.

Secondly, VELUX is renowned for its innovative design, ensuring its products deliver optimal daylighting and ventilation, enhancing indoor comfort and well-being.

They use high-quality materials, advanced glazing, and efficient insulation, making their windows energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Additionally, VELUX offers a wide range of products to suit various architectural styles and customer preferences.

Their commitment to sustainability, performance, and customer satisfaction cements their position as a top choice for daylight solutions in residential and commercial buildings.

Why would you want to install a roof window/skylight?

Installing a roof window or skylight allows natural light to flood indoor spaces, creating a brighter and more inviting atmosphere.

It enhances the aesthetics of the room, provides passive solar heating, and improves ventilation. These features can positively impact mood, energy efficiency, and overall comfort in the living or working environment.

Who are VELUX?

Velux is a well-known global company specializing in roof windows and skylights. Founded in 1941 in Denmark, VELUX has become a leading manufacturer of innovative and high-quality daylight solutions for residential and commercial buildings. They offer a wide range of products, including roof windows, flat roof windows, sun tunnels, and blinds.

VELUX’s products are designed to bring natural light and ventilation into spaces, enhancing the indoor environment and promoting well-being. With a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, VELUX continues to be a trusted brand for homeowners, architects, and builders seeking reliable and aesthetically pleasing daylighting solutions.

Approved VELUX installers

As approved installers, we have been through an accreditation programme with Velux to ensure that our team are trained to the highest professional standards.

We are endorsed by Velux to not only supply their superior product but to install it using the skills and expertise delivered to us through their training programme.

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