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3 flat roof problems you need to watch out for!

When it comes to flat roofing, maintenance is essential to the condition and lifespan of your roof and the properties it provides.

With this approach, you will be able to keep in line with warranty conditions and guarantee the safety of your home. With our 20-year guarantee, you can be sure that we will provide you with the long-lasting solution that you need.

So, here are three aspects to keep your eye on when it comes to your flat roofing condition.

Your to-do list:

  1. Roof cleaning

Over time, many items can swoop onto your roof such as leaves, soil, branches, and rubbish. But it is important to clear these items off your flat roof as this can damage the condition of your roof and possibly puncture the material.

  1. Drain clogging

Make sure that all your house drains are clear of build-ups such as rubbish, sticks, mould and leaves to ensure that they have a clear pathway. If your drains are clogged up then this will result in the condition of your flat roof deteriorating over time and causing it to have a weaker strength.

  1. Flashings

Make sure that there is no sign of loose metal across your roof due to wind damage as this could rip into our flat roof material, causing potential internal damage to your property.

It is also a smart idea to check the joints of your flat roofing system and the adhesion to make sure that there are no loose pieces of material or any rips to the fabric. 

Find a repair service

With our custom-made and long-lasting polypropylene roofing material at hand, you will be able to enjoy the watertight assurance that your property needs. With the peace of mind that you have the best material in the industry, with fewer joins for even higher security, feel free to check out our flat roofs today!

For an extra touch, feel free to contact us about our warm roof installation for your new flat roof. With its warm and comfortable assets, as well as the bonus of reducing your household energy costs, it would be the perfect addition to your brand-new roof installation.

We can replace your old flat roof with our state-of-the-art material and make sure that your flat roof has the protection it truly deserves.

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