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Soffits, fascias and guttering

Replacement fascias and soffits – Weatherproof your home

Providing you with our finest quality of Fascias and Soffits in Leicester

At The Roofline Replacement Company, we have over 20 years of experience in installing high-quality, durable and weatherproof fascias and soffits.

So whether you’re looking to add value to your home with a brand new wood grain effect fascia, or replace damaged and worn out soffits, you can be assured we will provide a thorough service with expert workmanship.

Leicester’s expert guttering solutions

Offering competitive prices for guttering repairs and replacement in and around Leicestershire, with only the best professional team to handle the job!

Soffits and Fascias

It can be easy to overlook your roofline, but fascias and soffits are an essential part of your Leicester property. At The Roofline Replacement Company, fascias and soffits are one of our specialities, and our expert installers have the expertise required to ensure that the roof on your Leicestershire home always remains in top condition.

What are Soffits & Facias?

Soffits and fascias are traditionally wooden boards surrounding your roofline around the front, sides and underneath the eaves of your property. Soffits and fascias protect your home from the elements and give a smooth appearance on the roof edge.

We always replace old fascias, never clad them, so any rot will be entirely removed.

    Choose from a Selection of Colours

    Our range of soffits & fascias products are available in a selection of colours, which are achieved either by applying a durable foil finish or by skinning the product in coloured PVC. Corners, joints and trims are finished in matching materials to ensure a professional finish.

    Whether you opt for white or foiled products, both are low-maintenance and will only need an occasional wipe with a damp, soft cloth and a mild detergent if required. Our foiled range can be fitted to complement many of the windows, doors and conservatories we can also supply.

    For your peace of mind, all of our products come with a minimum 10-year guarantee as standard.

    No more painting!

    • No sanding down or painting
    • 100% Maintenance free
    • Improves the appearance of your home
    • Safer than wood and has a class 1 fire rating
    • Adds value to your home
    • Choose from a selection of colours – Various colours can be achieved by applying a durable foil finish produced in colours PVC
    • Installed by expert fitters
    • All our products come with a 10-year guarantee as standard

    Why would I need to change my Soffits, Fascias and guttering?

    Often your soffits, fascia and guttering can become damaged which can cause long-term harm to your property. Look for signs such as cracks, breaks, rotten timbers or evidence of pests in your roofline. All of these are indicators that there could be a problem with your Soffits, Fascias and Guttering.


    Leicester’s expert guttering solutions – Specialists in gutter repairs and replacements

    Replace leaking gutters with seamless guttering from The Roofline Replacement Company and enjoy gutters which offerlong-lasting strength and durability. We have extensive experience of replacing uPVC, cast iron, concrete and aluminium gutters throughout Leicester.

    Why choose seamless aluminium guttering?

    Seamless aluminium guttering is a popular choice for rainwater management due to its durability and sleek appearance.

    Crafted from a continuous piece of aluminium, it eliminates the risk of leaks at joints, ensuring efficient water flow.

    Lightweight and resistant to rust, seamless aluminium guttering requires minimal maintenance, making it a practical and reliable solution for protecting your property.

    What is Guttering?

    The guttering around your home is a small thin trough that collects rainwater from the roof of your property. This product helps to protect the exterior and the foundations of your property from water damage.

    What are the benefits of replacing Guttering?

    We are experienced in replacing UPVC, cast iron, concrete and aluminium gutters with our extruded seamless aluminium guttering, which is produced in one length eliminating the risk of leaks. Alternatively, we can also install standard sectional UPVC guttering in a style and colour of your choice.

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