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5 important signs that are telling you, you need a new external door

Here in the UK, we Britons tend to pass time while waiting for things to basically repair themselves until we of course finally sort them out.

When it comes to our doors, this is no exception. Despite being the fact of our security, we don’t usually tend to think of our external doors.

Having an external door that does not provide full safety mechanisms for our home is a huge problem for our safety, as well as our heating bills. With this in mind, here are some top tips on replacing your external door for your home.

Is there a chill in the air?

If you are occupying an older property, you may feel the chilly atmosphere of the old walls and gaps that we pass off as the ‘character aspect of my home’. As you may have already tried for yourself, door stoppers do not give you the full effect of warmth.

When it comes to aged and worn doors, they can suffer from the usual wear and tear but also faulty seals and cracks can occur – resulting in those drafts you’re experiencing.

Let me guess. When you feel the chilly effects, you turn up the heating full blast. This will cost you extra from your wallet and when you proceed with this action, most of your precious heat, quite literally, goes out the door.

By investing in brand-new doors, you won’t have large heating bills and the brisk chills under your feet will no longer be a nuisance to you and your cosy home.

Door-hinges a thing of the past?

Ever heard of WD-40? You’ll hear this product a lot when it comes to bikes and it can be a great product to use on your doors if they squeak.

However, using this product does not officially solve your problem.

Loud noises from your door could be a sign that your door hinge properties starting to loosen. This is a high cause for concern, especially when it comes to the security of your property. Intruders can easily penetrate through your house by simply kicking or pursuing force on the hinges. If you have been experiencing your hinges making noise, we suggest purchasing a new front door, for peace of mind and security for your home.

Are you seeing cracked paint?

Are your neighbours commenting on how ‘rustic’ and ‘worn’ your front door looks? They are not compliments. They are insights into how your front door looks to people around you, so if you are noticing the peeling paint on your front door and the British weather hasn’t been kind to your front door – it is time to replace it.

Continuous maintenance with varnish can be quite the hassle and chore, to save you time, why not consider replacing your front door with a door that is made to last in design and also weatherproof?

Hard to open and close your door without force?

You may have experienced the tug and pull of your doors in certain seasonal conditions, this is because your doors will increase and decrease in size and warp.

It can be difficult in these situations to proceed with the opening and closing of your doors, making locking your doors difficult as they don’t fit within the frame anymore. With this in mind, it can also be the result of bad news for your flooring as the enlargement and weight of your expanded front door will take a toll on your floor, causing severe damage to your house.

Is it warmer outside than in?

Finding Jack Frost remains on your porch or feeling a constant chill and whistle of the wind entering your home? Instead of turning that heating dial to a higher temperature, investigate your front door.

It is true, we don’t check our doors – but we must!

When analysing your front door, you will need to look out for inappropriate sealing, fitting and damage that could be allowing bad weather to seep into your home.

With this dilemma, your doors could also bring in a large, unwanted and unnecessary bill into your home, causing conflict and a cost that in time, would be much greater than investing in a new front door.

Providing a brand new front door for your home is a fantastic way to enhance the design and style of your home, as well as the warmth and security.

Here at The Roofline Replacement Company, we make sure that your door fits your home with style and convenience. With a range of doors at your disposal, you will be able to have a front door that will be eye-catching and fit for purpose for your household.

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