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Are double glazing windows worth the money?

Researching costs and quotes for double-glazing installation can be rather overwhelming, as there are so many different styles, prices and companies to choose from.

And installing professional double-glazing windows can be a costly job… but is it really worth all that money?

How will double glazing benefit me?

Double-glazing is all about saving your pennies when it comes to your heating bills. The more heat that is retained in your home, the less you will be reaching for your central heating and electric heaters, (which are extortionate to run!)

So although you may not see a huge difference straight away… over time you will start to notice a decrease in your heating bills.

Not only do they retain the heat, but also they are excellent at blocking out any annoying external noise you may have been experiencing.

Reasons for installing double glazing windows in Leicester

  • A-Rated windows are, unsurprisingly, the most energy-efficient. This efficiency is a combination of the window and the frame. What it means is that you will keep the warmth in and keep energy bills down.
  • The ratings are completely independent, having been introduced by the British Fenestration Rating Council in 2004. Companies cannot just claim their windows are A-rated, they have to be proven to be such
  • Surprisingly, many modern windows are not A-rated, with C-rated windows common on many new builds.

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All our uPVC windows are fully guaranteed for 10 years – you can enjoy total peace of mind when you choose all-weather windows from Roofline in Leicester. We are Swish-approved installers and are trusted in the supply and installation of all-weather windows across Leicester.

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