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How to choose the perfect conservatory design for your property

Adding a conservatory to your home is a great way to increase room and add more natural light to the space. However, choosing the right conservatory can be a troublesome affair. After all, there’s more than just the cost of the build, there are the design and materials to take into consideration too.

Before you make the decision to go ahead with designing your new conservatory, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

What will I be using my conservatory for?

Will you be using your conservatory to increase the living space of an existing room within the house i.e. living room or kitchen? Is the conservatory going to be used as a quiet retreat to unwind or is it going to be a busy family play area or a utility room?

Asking yourself this question will help you figure out the practical design aspects of the conservatory such as size and layout.

What are my home’s existing aesthetics?

This is important for choosing the style of the conservatory; after all, you want your new project to be in keeping with the rest of the design features of your house. This can incorporate aspects such as the size and shape of the conservatory and/or the roof as well as the colour of the framework and brickwork.

What style of conservatory do I want?

The style of the conservatory much depends on the style of your home. Do you like a more traditional look such as Victorian or Edwardian roofed conservatories? Or does your home suit a more contemporary design such as a lean-to or a gable-ended roof?  You can of course head down the bespoke conservatory route and customise the design from start to finish.

Maybe an orangery is better suited to the look and feel of your property, being more in keeping with a regular home extension allowing it to blend into the design seamlessly.

What materials do I use?

This can depend on the type of conservatory you chose for example if you decide that an orangery is best suited to your home, then more brickwork will probably be required.

If you plan on using your conservatory all year round, then looking at thermally efficient materials or a Guardian roof is a good investment.

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