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How to choose the right windows and doors for your home

The windows and doors of your home are the most important features of your house, and not only from a security perspective, but they also help to complete the look of your home from the exterior. But when deciding on upgrading your windows and doors, there are quite a few things you should consider to get the most value out of your new purchase.

We’ve put together our top points to consider when choosing new windows and doors.

1. Improve home security

One of the most important questions you should be asking suppliers is if there are any security features on the windows. Look of out for products that comply with the British standard institute, which will help to give you a level of assurance that the company has considered safety in the design and manufacturing process. Window security is highly important to consider in order to protect our families and homes.

2. Energy efficiency

If you are choosing to upgrade your windows and doors, be sure to opt for the energy efficiency range. This will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but they can also help reduce those all-important energy bills! How much you can save will depend on the energy grading of your new windows. The closer the grading to A+++ the more you will save.

With higher-graded windows, you will also notice the heat retaining in your home, keeping your home warmer for longer.

3. Noise reduction

One other benefit of installing new double-glazing windows is that they can help keep the outside noise outside! Noisy roads from vehicles, traffic and neighbours can be a nuisance, especially if you are trying to get a good night’s sleep.

4. uPVC material

uPVC is the most common material used for windows and doors, and it is also a cheaper option compared to timber and aluminium. This material has great insulation properties against sound and retaining heat, making it a perfect material for windows. As it is long-lasting and durable, uPVC is a favourable option for homeowners and businesses.

5. Choosing the right supplier

Suppliers that are committed to customer care and service will hold a membership with regulatory bodies with FENSA and CPA and will also offer a substantial number of years for the guarantee.