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How to use your conservatory during the pandemic

As the nation came to a standstill in March 2020, little did we know how much the virus Covid-19 would transform all our lives. Many of us had to confine in our homes for the past few months, in complete isolation and social distancing from others outside.

Our homes have become a place where many of us have spent the majority of our times. With more people working from home and children homeschooling, we have all been finding creative ways to utilise spaces in our homes.

One of the most used spaces would be a conservatory. It allows people to create a living space away from the rest of the house, especially if there are many people living in one household.

If you have a conservatory or have booked Roofline for conservatory installation, then here is how you can make the most of the space during the current climate.

Kids play area

Converting the conservatory into a kids playroom is an ideal solution, as it gives them a space to play and be creative. It also means that you are able to keep the rest of the house in a manageable condition and continue with your household chores, without disturbing the children.

Makeshift office space

As people are being advised to work from home, the conservatory can be the perfect home office space. You can easily set up your working environment with everything you need, in order to work effectively. It allows a good balance between work and personal life as once your work hours are over, you can leave the space and relax and give yourself some downtime.

Exercise room

As gyms remain shut for the foreseeable future in most cities, it is important we continue to exercise our bodies to keep fit and healthy. Children and adults are susceptible to put on weight, especially during the current climate, where outdoor activities are reduced.

Study room

Not having a dedicated learning space can be difficult for children, especially when there is a TV for distraction. Conservatories allow the space for children and adults alike, to use the space to study and concentrate on learning without any disturbances.

There are endless options of how you can use your conservatory space. Having a conservatory gives your home that much needed extra space, without having to spend fortunes and time on house extensions. However you decide to use the space, always remember to stay safe and well!