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How you will benefit from a Guardian warm roof this winter!

The benefits of a Guardian warm roof this Winter.

As the winter months approach the effort to keep your house warm increases, especially when you have a conservatory.

Conservatories are an amazing investment they add value to any home and they increase the floor space, However, they do have a downside. Controlling the temperature in a conservatory is renowned for being difficult, in the summer – it’s a greenhouse and in the winter – it’s the Arctic.

There is a solution for temperature control and that is installing a Guardian warm roof!

Here’s how installing a warm roof will benefit your home!

Add value to your investments

Adding a conservatory to your home is a decision that takes time, especially when you need to consider the planning and the costs, large purchases should be investments, not splurges.

When deciding on your style of conservatory you should definitely opt for warm roofs. Warm roofs offer superior thermal performance that can improve your conservatories’ temperature control throughout the year.

Reduce your bills

During the winter months naturally, your heating bill will be higher than usual. Especially if your conservatory has no thermal insulation. As conservatories are predominantly built around glass the heat can escape very quickly.

By installing a Guardian warm roof the heat from your home will be stored within the insulation, this can save on your home energy costs which ultimately reduces your bills!

What is a guardian warm roof and how is it installed?

Now you know how energy-efficient a warm roof can be you may want to know how it works and how it’s installed.

Don’t worry, if you already have a conservatory you don’t need to have a new one installed to improve the temperature quality as installing a warm roof is extremely straightforward and simple to do.

Guardian warm roofs are extremely efficient and are installed by adding the insulation on top of the rafters that are already fitted within your conservatory’s roof. If your existing roof surface is still in good condition, all that’s added to secure the installation are flat insulation boards as a flat roof surface.

Warm roofs aren’t just for winter, many people prefer using their conservatory in the summer for the natural light it provides and to be closer to the outdoors. Guardian warm roofs create a comfortable living for all the seasons by allowing you to keep cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

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