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Tell-Tale Signs That You Need To Think About Replacing Your Soffits & Facias

As the popular saying goes “ignoring the signs is a good way to end up in the wrong destination”. When it comes to replacing the worn-out elements of your roofline, it reads more like “Ignoring the signs is a good way to end up with a leak!”.

Identifying wear and tear on facias and soffits is often overlooked, as let’s face it how often do you look up at the roof of your home? But it’s important for every homeowner to be able to spot the signs early, to avoid the issue escalating.

“Why do I even need facias and soffits?”

That’s a good question! The short answer is, that they’re an integral part of your property’s structure. The slightly longer answer is that without them your home would have a problem with water leaks, damp, condensation, mould and critters like rodents and birds claiming squatting rights in your loft space!

So, yeah! They’re important, but before you rush out the house to check whether the squirrel you saw yesterday in the garden should be paying rent, you’ll need to know what to look for to determine whether your fascias and soffits need replacing.

Mind the cracks! Check for cracking or flaking paintwork

Apart from the structural integrity of your roofline, fascias and soffits also play an aesthetic role. Whilst the odd crack in the paintwork is easy to overlook, multiple cracks and heavily flaking paint is not so much.

Whilst you might think “I can put up with them looking a bit shabby”, the fact of the matter is that it could be masking a much bigger problem such as leaks! So if your fascias and soffits are starting to look like they’ve seen better days, chances are they probably have and it’s time to think about a replacement.

Evidence of critters taking refuge in your attic

Uncovering leftovers of birds’ nests, rodent droppings and bugs in your attic is a sure-fire way of determining that the integrity of your roofline has been compromised. We recommend that you have a professional company examine your roof and replace any components that have fallen into disrepair.

Don’t be a drip! Look out for signs of water leaking into your roof

Water getting into your home can be a real issue. Not only can this lead to weakening the structural integrity of your ceilings and walls, but it can also lead to other health hazards like damp and mould forming.

If you start noticing damp patches appearing on your upstairs ceilings then it might be a good idea to investigate your roofline and identify if the water entering your roof space is a direct result of a deterioration of your roofline.

Not so airy? Blocked roof ventilation needs attention

If you notice the air in your attic space is stagnant then it could be an indication that the ventilation in your roofline has become blocked or there is structural damage somewhere. If this is the case then a replacement is necessary as this can exacerbate issues like damp and condensation.


The word alone should make you want to check for evidence of it in your roofline. If you do come across it then you will need to call an asbestos removal specialist. Don’t attempt to remove it yourself as you could risk serious health issues.

If any of the following points have made you think that your roofline is in serious need of a revival, then call The Roofline Replacement Company today.

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