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The benefits of investing in a Conservatory/Orangery this Spring

Now that the seasons have changed and spring is in bloom, there is no better time than to invest in your property. Home renovations and extensions are very popular at this time of year and are a top priority for some homeowners to make a big statement with their homes.

While we are conducting our spring cleaning tasks, we often think of the space we are cleaning and feel more space in our properties would be a great investment.

So, what are your options?

Two fantastic possibilities are to invest in conservatories and orangeries. To guide your decision, we have devised a blog, establishing the benefits of these fantastic purchases.

Endless possibilities of space

What is one of the biggest advantages of pursuing an orangery and conservatories? They can be used for a variety of purposes – even in the colder seasons!

Use your conservatory or orangery as a space for relaxation purposes and pleasure. Whether it’s enjoying your cup of tea in the early morning before you start your day or even doing some yoga stretches before bed, you are sure to have a relaxing time with your new investment.

But what about during the colder seasons? Here at Roofline Replacement, we provide fully insulated Guardian™ Warm Roofs which allow you to enjoy the comforts of winter, without the chilly atmosphere!

They can help to conserve energy

Whether you invest in an orangery or conservatory – they are both extremely energy efficient!
Additions such as helping you with your ongoing energy bill to providing environmental assets.

With these benefits in mind, your new investment can also become a protector against external aspects such as the weather – whether you have chosen a conservatory or an orangery, you will always be warmer than outside and with our unpredictable weather – that is certainly a plus!

TIP: As we are in Spring, the sun will be providing more of a presence, especially over the next couple of months (we hope!) and with the aid of blinds and shutters, you can prevent your new investment from overheating and keep in that warmth of the winter months.
With these blinds, you will be able to not only enhance your living space but also have control of the amount of heat coming in or out, allocate personal privacy, control the temperature and of course, protect your furniture from the sunshine.

Improve home value

You may not be thinking about selling your home at this point in life, but it is always good to know the value of your property and what potential value you could provide to boost that value.

A fantastic advantage to investing in a conservatory or orangery is that it will provide your home with differentiation aspects compared to that of your neighbours.

“A well-built conservatory can add at least 5pc to the value of your property, while a full-blown extension can add 10pc.” – Phil Spencer, Telegraph interview 2018.

They are one of the most chosen home improvement choices in the UK, offering not only an increase in property value but also creating value within your home and lifestyle.

When choosing a bespoke conservatory or orangery, it is important to choose a design that suits the design of your home as you want the overall design to flow continuously throughout your home. Potential home buyers can be enticed with styles that complement each other, in terms of an architectural point of view.

When you purchase a bespoke designed conservatory with Roofline Replacement, you will only be able to incorporate a stylish piece of architecture to your property that matches your overall style and ambience but will be able to afford either your orangery or conservatory at a fantastic price.

They let in natural light

Orangeries and conservatories are built with very slim frames, allowing a high rate of glass to be produced within the exterior.

All this glass allows for the natural sunlight to soak through to fill the space and give the home extension an inviting and nice ambience.

There is a whole range of designs, with access to a variety of shapes and materials – meaning you can create your own bespoke designed conservatory or orangery that not only looks great but also complies with your core desires and personal budget.

No matter what choice you make, whether you invest in a conservatory or orangery, you will be able to use these two assets to your advantage by allowing energy-efficient glass and claiming natural light into your internal space. You can also benefit from them due to the varied uses you can provide them, whether you wish to turn your extra space into a relaxing space or maybe even an office – the choice is yours!

So, we hope we have aided your decision-making by producing these 4 main benefits when you add a stylish home extension to your property.
Here at Roofline Replacement, we can provide a wide range of bespoke options that will enhance your property, both value and style.

Contact our team here at The Roofline Replacement Company to find out more information on our bespoke conservatories and orangeries.