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Top 5 reasons for choosing a SIP extension

As house prices continue to rise, it’s becoming more and more difficult to sell and buy a bigger property simply. People are now preferring to extend their current home and gain the extra space they need without having to spend a fortune on a new house.

Especially in the current climate, we are all finding extra space in our homes to create home offices or play areas for children. Home extensions have become increasingly popular over the recent years and are voted as the most cost-effective method to add extra living space.

However, did you know there are many different types of extensions you can go for?

In order to maximise your budget, it is important you consider choosing the right building materials for the project. There are two types of extensions you can choose. One is using the traditional method and using materials such as bricks, mortar and timber frames and the other option is to create SIPs extensions, which is now becoming a popular choice.

What is a SIP extension?

A SIP (Structured insulated panels) extension to your home uses panels that are measured and precut before the build has started. These are then used to create the structure of the extension. The panels would consist of an insulated polystyrene material which is placed in between two structural facings.

Here are some of the advantages of SIP Extensions

1: Shortens build times

SIP panel extensions are known for their quick build times. This is mainly due to the panels being made to measure and prebuilt before the extension work takes place. This allows the build process to become a lot more efficient and less time is spent on building the walls brick by brick.

Also, many of the extension frames and panels can be built quickly which reduces labour times and costs.

2: Cost effective

Not only are they cost-effective to build, but SIPs are designed with super-efficient thermal insulation that will continue to reduce your energy bills long after the build completion. The insulative properties are great for keeping the heat in which means you’ll be spending less on heating your home.

3: Good for the environment

Installing SIP panels creates a positive impact on the environment as you need fewer fuels to heat your home.

4: Freedom with design

As SIP panels are very strong and versatile you can have more freedom when designing your extension. You can build one or two-storey extensions and also make use of the roof space and convert it into a storage area.

5: Provide extra space

Unlike the conventional brick and cement build method, SIPs give you the advantage of having more floor space. The panels will be a lot thinner than a brick wall, which means you have more floor surface area within your extension. SIP roof panels can also be used instead of the bulky loft insulations. Their design can keep your home warm whilst creating a larger living space for you to enjoy.

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