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Top reasons to consider double glazing windows this spring

The current pandemic situation has given many people the opportunity to spend some time revamping their homes – something which often gets forgotten about whilst we go on about our busy lives.

If you are thinking of home improvement projects this spring then ensuring your house has good-quality double glazing installed is vital. Especially as an agile working environment means people will be spending a lot more time working from home.

Double-glazing windows are a great investment to make for your house. They are well known for keeping the heat in during the winter months, but you’ll be surprised to know that they are similarly useful during the spring and summer months.

We’ve put together some of our top reasons why we believe it’s always best to ensure you have installed quality double-glazed windows for your property.

Prevents heat from getting in:

We all know double-glazing windows stop the cold air from getting into the house, but did you know they also work in a similar way during the warmer months? The empty space within the two glass window panes helps to stop the heat from getting through, therefore keeping the heat from entering the house, and allowing your home to stay cool during the summer.


Double-glazing windows are a lot more energy-efficient compared to air-conditioning fans or coolers. Although fans may instantly cool you down, they are also very good at increasing energy bills!

Protection against UV damage:

Direct sunlight is known to damage any furniture that is positioned in the direction of the sunlight rays. You may notice the fading of colours on fabric and furniture after a prolonged time near the sunlight. Double-glazing windows are designed with a feature that significantly reduces the UV rays that enter your home.

Enhanced security:

The spring and summer seasons are the perfect months to go away on holiday or to spend time away with loved ones. As you are away from your house, you would want peace of mind that your home is safe and secure. Thanks to the toughness and high-security features of the double-glazing windows, they are extremely difficult to break through and will help prevent burglars from getting into your home.

Keeping the noise at bay:

One of the other main reasons why people choose to install double-glazing windows is to block the outside noise. It’s always good to be able to shut your windows and keep the outside noise at bay, especially now as you may be working from home during the summer.

Residence collection – Double glazing windows with a difference

Double-glazing windows may not be aesthetically pleasing to all and sometimes would not suit your style of home. The solution to this is the Residence Collection windows. This range of windows includes all of the top features of a double glazing window but with the added benefit of being able to install flush in order to retain the heritage style look of your home.

Many people are now opting for the Residence Collection windows as they create a unique but modern look to their home. If you are interested in this range of windows, speak to our friendly team today or click here to find out more.