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Top Tips On Maintaining Your Conservatory Roof This Summer

Conservatories are the perfect place to relax in the summer, they can be used as quiet places of reflection, as a place to bask in the sunshine, as a space somewhere between indoors and outside and as light and spacious family room.

In order to get the most out of your conservatory, this summer Roofline has come up with this handy guide to maintaining your conservatory roof this summer. We’ll also talk you through what to do if your conservatory roof has seen better days, such as replacing it with a solid tile warm roof alternative.

Cleaning the glass panes:

Glass conservatory roofs are great for letting in an abundance of light, which is perfect for those sunny summer days, and for any house plants that you have decorating the room. However, cleaning the roof of your conservatory can be a drawback as a grubby glass roof is bound to mar the effect of natural sunlight entering.

Start by removing any moss and excess debris from the roof as this will make things a little easier to clean and you’ll also get better results.

Use a manual telescopic pole with a soft brush attachment and a bucket of warm, clean, soapy water to wash the panes of glass, You may need to get on a ladder to get a better view of the roof so be sure to have a spotter and take note of ladder safety. Be sure to regularly replace the water in the bucket as otherwise, you’ll simply be transferring the grime back to the roof and windows.

For best results and a professional standard finish, why not try going over the roof with a squeegee attachment to get a squeaky clean smear-free finish.

Note: Avoid using pressure washers. Whilst the temptation to simply blast grime and moss off of your conservatory roof might seem like a good idea at the time, it can cause damage to both the frames and seals. The last thing you want to end up with is a roof with leaky seals as this can lead to problems with condensation and mould.

Don’t forget to clean the frames:

In much the same fashion as the glass, use warm soapy water to wash down your UPVc frames. Pay particular attention to any stubborn spots and nooks and crannies and take care around seals. Avoid the use of harsh cleaning products as this could damage the frames and potentially perish seals. If you’re unsure use the spot test method before cleaning the whole framework.

Replace your existing glass roof with a Guardian Roof™

If your conservatory roof has seen better days then a replacement might be the better and more cost-effective option; especially if the seals are no longer working effectively as this can lead to problems with leaking and damp. Just a few benefits of Guardian Roofs™ are that they are thermally efficient and can make your conservatory a much more snug and practical living space, particularly as autumn sets in. They’ll also help reduce the scorching temperatures that can occur in conservatories exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. If you’re worried about having less natural light then skylight options are also available.

To discuss how Roofline Replacement can help you breathe new life into your old conservatory, contact us today.