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What are common flat roofing problems, and how do you fix them?

It is estimated that every year, thousands of homeowners have to deal with flat roof problems.

While your roof is an important part of your home, it can often be neglected until a serious problem arises. When your flat roofing solution fails, it’s crucial for you to have a professional roofer who can fix the issue. And when it’s time to replace your flat roof, you want a company with the expertise and experience to give you the quality service that you need.

Here are some flat roof problems to watch out for:


Compared to the traditional pitched roofs, flat roofs don’t drain as well and they sometimes develop a pond of water like a puddle that usually stands for 48 hours or more. Water that’s on the roof can create stress on the structure of the roof and start to wear it out causing leakage and moisture to get through

  • Solution: The best way to solve ponding water is to ensure the roof is well maintained and the gutters and drains are well kept so that water can escape easily. You also need to ensure the flat roof installer is experienced and can help reduce the chances of ponding water occurring.


Blistering is when small pockets of moisture or air get trapped under the membrane of the flat roof. As the sun warms the roofs, especially in the summer months; this can cause the pockets of air to expand, therefore stretching the membrane.

  • Solution: It’s always best to keep your roof clean and maintained regularly. Any build-up of algae or moss can cause the water or moisture to get trapped. If you notice any blistering, it’s best to get that repaired and replace the membrane material.

Thermal Movement

Changes in temperature can sometimes cause the materials in the roof to contract and expand. Although this is completely normal, you do need to keep an eye on the roof, as continual expansion and contraction can cause the roof to become weak and susceptible to leaks.

  • Solution: By using good quality roofing materials that have been installed correctly you can rest assured any thermal movement would not be an issue. However, if you do notice any movement, it’s best to get it checked by professionals.

At Roofline, we use and recommend only the highest quality materials from leading manufacturers to ensure your new flat roof is built to last and is thermally efficient. Our friendly yet professional team can help with design, installation and maintenance, to ensure your new flat roof stays in the best possible condition for years to come.

We have over a decade’s worth of experience in the flat roofing industry, helping us to deliver consistent customer satisfaction across all of our projects. Our team provides a full design service, working with you to choose the right solution for your home, and our expert installation means we can help you achieve a seamless and trouble-free roofing solution.