Roofline Home Improvements


What are Fascia’s and Soffits?

Most people are quite unfamiliar with the terms fascia and soffits, but it’s really just fancy words for your roofing components.

But they are very important parts to help keep the roof together and they also help prolong the life of the roof, which ultimately protects the overall house structure.

Next time you are outside your house, take a good look at your roof and you’ll notice all the different components that make up the roofline.

We supply and fit Fascias and soffits but here’s a bit of information on what they are and why they are useful!

What are Fascias?

The Fascia board is a long straight board that runs along the bottom edge of the roof. They are made from either plastic or wooden boards.

Over time harsh weathers can easily corrode the roofing fixtures, causing more long-term damage. This is why Fascias come to place and help keep the roof tiles secure and they also cover the fittings to make sure they are waterproof.

They come in various different colours and designs to suit the style and shape of your house.

What are Soffits?

Sofits is what you can usually see from the street level. They are found underneath the fascia board, which further protects the wall and roofline for the various weather conditions.

You’ll also notice ventilation slots to allow the flow of air into the roofing area. This will help reduce any condensation problems in the future plus it avoids the risk of timber decay.

What are Bargeboards?

The third important component of the roofline is Bargeboards. These usually have a bigger impact on a house as they are attached to the gable end of a roof. Bargeboard is mainly used to make the roof more aesthetically pleasing, and they are available in many different shapes, sizes and colours.

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