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What Are The Benefits Of Replacing Your Existing Conservatory Roof With A Guardian Roof™?

With the warm weather in full swing, chances are you’ll be hoping to make the most out of your conservatory this summer? However, some people find that traditional glass conservatory roofs come with their own pitfalls that can hamper your enjoyment of the space. Scorching temperatures during the day and comparatively freezing temperatures at night often put people off from enjoying their conservatory during the summer months.

There is however a solution to the problem, replacing your existing glass conservatory roof with a tiled Guardian Roof™! To help you decide whether a guardian roof is ideal for your conservatory, Roofline has come up with this Handy guide, detailing the benefits.

Improved Thermal Efficiency:

Replacing your existing conservatory roof with a warm roof will help reduce the heat generated by direct sunlight. It will also help keep in the warmth during chillier summer evenings, making for a much more temperate and comfortable living space that you can enjoy. Not only this but come the winter months the improved insulation will help to reduce the cost of heating.

Improved Aesthetics:

A warm tiled roof allows you to blend your conservatory in with the look and feel of your home. Guardian Roofs™ come in a large range of colours and styles so you can customise the design to suit your home’s individual characteristics.

Increases The Value Of Your Home:

The increased usability of your conservatory thanks to the improved thermoregulation provided by a solid conservatory roof, naturally, has a knock-on effect by increasing the value of your home. Not only that but the Improved aesthetic provided by a Guardian Roof™ will also help to increase value.

Improves Acoustics:

If you have a conservatory with a glass roof you will probably have already experienced the noise that can be caused by a rain shower rattling off of the roof. However, with a solid conservatory roof, you will find much better noise reduction from outside, allowing you to sit in peace and quiet or hold a conversation in your conservatory, no matter the weather.

Think a Guardian Roof™ is right for your conservatory? Contact Roofline Replacement today for a fully comprehensive conservatory roof replacement service, and upgrade your conservatory! Our expert team will design a bespoke solution to your individual requirements, and all our fitters are qualified Team Guardian™ installers.

For more information on our Guardian Roof™ installation visit our Guardian Roofs™ page.