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What is the cost of replacing a flat roof?

Just like any other home improvement project, the cost of a flat roof will vary depending on the size of the property and the materials used. Seasonal changes and logistics can also affect the price, which is why it’s always recommended to do some research and get a few quotes when you are ready to start the project.

Some of the things to consider when getting a quote:

  • Type of flat roof you are going for
  • Materials used for the flat roof
  • Size of the house
  • Labourer’s expertise
  • Ease of access to the roof
  • Scaffolding

So why would you need a flat roof replacement?

With a flat roof installed, you may not be able to notice any damages or leaks into the property compared to a normal pitched roof. Your roof is one of the most important features of your home and if not installed properly or if there is a leak; you could be losing hundreds of pounds in heating and also faulty insulation can damage the inside of the house.

We’ve put together some of the most common problems to look out for that could tell you there is something not quite right with your roofing.

1: Cracks and tears in the roof

Cracks and tears on a flat roof are the most commonly missed problems. If a crack is left for too long then the material used underneath will absorb the water. This can cause the material to become uneven and not be able to function at its best. If the problem is detected early then you may be able to repair the roof, otherwise replacing the roof is the best option.

2: Leaks and moisture

Just like any other roof, leaks can happen, especially if the roofing had been done a long time ago. The moisture in the roof membranes can cause fungus and mould which is not good for the longevity of the roofing materials. The best advice for this is to get a professional roofing company to inspect the roof regularly so they can detect any signs of mould leaks and mould early on.

3: Missing roofing material

This is something to watch out for when the weather is particularly bad. High winds can lead to parts of the tar and rock covering being blown off, which exposes the undercoating of the roof to further damage.

4: Damp patches on the roof

If you start to notice areas on the roof that are caused by water damage or notice any damp stops then this would suggest that water and moisture are getting through the roofing materials. This can turn into a costly problem if not resolved in a timely manner.

5: Organic growth

Some of the most common growths you’ll notice on a flat roof are algae, lichens and moss. And although they may not seem like a huge problem, it does mean that there is a situation of unwanted water retention. If this is left untreated then it can cause a lot of damage to your property

Like all roofs, flat roofs will also need to be repaired or replaced over time, but noticing the early sign of wear and tear can reduce your repair bills significantly!