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Add value to your home with a rear extension

One of the most frequently asked questions to estate agents is, ‘How can I add value to my home?’ Home renovation is one of the most popular ways to increase your house price. People would pay extra for the perfectly landscaped garden or a rear kitchen extension. To new home buyers, it means the hard work and effort have already been done and it is ready for them to move in.

There are many ways to boost your property price from budget-friendly decorating jobs to exterior renovations, but the most popular project people have been getting stuck into is home extensions.

Extending your living space not only gives you extra room in your house but it also increases the value of your property. It’s a great way to utilise your garden or carport space that’s currently not in use.

How easy is it to add an extension?

SIP Panel extension –

At Roofline, we offer one of the easiest ways to add a rear extension to your property. SIP (structured insulated panels) are pre-cut panels that are measured to fit your build size. These tailored panels are then used to create the structure of the extension. The great thing about these panels is that they are extremely cost-effective and can significantly reduce build times; which means lower labor costs.

Conservatory or garden rooms –

Conservatories have always been that added bonus to any home. They give homeowners the extra space to transform into whatever they choose. It can be a home office, children’s play area, or even a place to relax and enjoy the garden – no matter what the weather.

Compared with traditional brick build extensions, conservatories are a lot more cost-effective to build and put together. Over the years, technologies have advanced, and the conservatory is no longer a space that reflects the outdoor weather. You can keep it warm throughout the year by using quality materials and insulation.

Permissive planning rules –

Recently, the government has relaxed some of the planning rules for home extensions. Previously, homeowners could only extend up to 3 meters for an attached property and 4 meters for a detached property, but now the distances have been doubled. This gives homeowners more flexibility and room to create their dream homes.

How much value can a rear extension add?

It is impossible to describe an exact figure of the value a rear extension would generate, as this would vary depending on the size of the extension, size of the property, location and the quality of the finish.

A survey from Zopa found that an average extension cost was just under £20,000. The average return on investment for an extension was 71% which makes the average amount of profit that could be generated from an extension was £14,000.

It goes without saying that by making a minimal amount of changes, you can add value to your home. Sometimes all it takes is for you to pick up the paint brush and you’ll notice what a difference a fresh lick of paint can make to a room.